Ice Spice's 'Leaked' Tape Sought Obsessively

Ice Spice has been enjoying growing fame, thanks to her exceptional rap skills and her striking looks.

As of Oct. 29, 2022, she has 2 million followers on Instagram, proof of her increasing star power.

Ice Spice is scorching hot in a provocative snap. Photo: Instagram/@icespicee

Besides her music, the talented rapper also has a penchant for showing off her beauty in racy photos. 

Ice Spice captivates fans with pictures after steamy pictures of herself flaunting her ample curves.

Ice Spice is scorching hot in a steamy snap. Photo: Instagram/@icespicee

She does not shy from striking provocative poses, much to the delight of her ardent online followers.

Recently, she made headlines after explicit videos of herself allegedly surfaced online.

Ice Spice looks flawless in a revealing snap. Photo: Instagram/@icespicee

But she has since shut down the rumors, calling the alleged private videos fake.

Search suggestions on Twitter reveal that curious fans are searching for the alleged leaked video.

Trending Twitter search suggestions as of Oct. 29, 2022.

As of Oct. 29, 2022, "ice spice leaked" appears to be a heavily searched keyword on Twitter.

Ice Spice, however, seemed unfazed as she sets her heart on higher heights of fame and glory.

Check out her spicy photos and videos on Instagram (@icespicee). 

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