Jamal Murray 'Leaked Video' Sets Tongues Wagging Online

With his skills as a baller and his captivating charm, Jamal Murray has become a phenomenal sports star.

The charismatic basketball player is receiving a lot of affection from fans for his exceptional athleticism and, well, his handsome looks.

A screen grab from a  video posted on Jamal Murray's Instagram (@jmglitxh27)

Jamal has a way of captivating his followers that no other basketball stars have. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise that his number of followers has surged to more than 900,000 as of July 24, 2022.

Jamal Murray looks dapper in a suit. Photo: Instagram/@jmglitxh27

But with fame comes controversies. Jamal earlier sets off an internet frenzy after an explicit video of him surfaced online.

The video, which became viral in 2020, allegedly shows his girlfriend performing a sex act on him.

Jamal Murray looks handsome in a casual ensemble. Photo: Instagram/@jmglitxh27

Jamal has since apologized for the leaked video but explained that his social media account was hacked.

It seems that several online users continue to search the internet for the said explicit clip.

Trending Twitter search suggestions on July 24, 2022.

In fact, "jamal murray leaked video" is still a popular Twitter search suggestion.

With his ascent to stardom, there is no question that intrigue and controversies will continue to follow the basketball player.

Check out his latest updates via his Instagram (@jmglitxh27).

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