Madison Cawthorn's 'Leaked Video' Causes Online Stir

Netizens are stunned about American politician Madison Cawthorn's private video that allegedly leaked on the internet!

According to Google Trends on May 5, 2022, Cawthorn topped several times in the most searched personalities on the web.

American Politician Madison Cawthorn.
Photo: Instagram/@madisoncawthorn.

Cawthorn is a 26-year-old politician who is serving as a representative for North Carolina's 11th congressional district since 2021.

Elected to Congress in 2020, the NC-native is a member of the Republican Party, who succeeded Republican Mark Meadows.

Madison Cawthorn enjoying a cigar.
Photo: Instagram/@madisoncawthorn.

In Google Trends, he was noted as a "breakout" as he dominated the query. Several keywords were used including 'leaked,' 'videos,' and 'cousin.'

Source: Google Trends

Amid the social media frenzy over the controversial issue, Cawthorn seems to have admitted that he was in the video in a recent Twitter post.

The alleged leaked video was taken years ago. He claimed that the clip was used as a "blackmail" in an attempt to stain his reputation.

Madison Cawthorn's Twitter response.
Photo: Twitter/@CawthornforNC

Cawthorn also noted that he was "being crass" with a friend and was "trying to be funny."

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