Cheryl & Quran's Video Leak Drives Netizens Wild

Netizens frantically search for Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain's intimate video leak! The couple first shocked the online world with their unique relationship.

Unknown by many, Cheryl, also known as "Queen Cheryl," is 61, and has been married since 2021 to 24-year-old Quran,  a.k.a "King Quran."

Social media duo Quran and Cheryl.
Photo: Instagram/@therealoliver6060

Besides the duo's speculative wide-age differences, their alleged leaked video has set the netizens' tongues wagging.

Netizens go gaga over the duo's alleged leaked clip on Twitter. According to Google Trends, Cheryl and Quran ranked second on the list.

'cheryl and quran leaked video' trends online.
Source: Google Trends

The Google Trend search displayed the keyword 'cheryl and quran leaked video.'

As the social media frenzy continues, Quran and Cheryl have yet to respond to the alleged claims.

Quran and Cheryl.
Photo: Instagram/@leolove_3

It also appears that they benefit from this increasing popularity adding that the odd couple is popular on TikTok and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Quran has launched its sensual content on OnlyFans. His supportive wife has displayed her husband's OF account on her Instagram profile.

Quran's OnlyFans: 

Although their relationship looks different from other couples, Cheryl and Quran are deeply in love and will stick with each other until the end!

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